Monday, October 19, 2015

Zippidie Doo Dah!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow. On a scale of 1 to week has been an 11 this week. I couldn't really tell you exactly why, I'm just super happy. :)

Coke World....for P-day last week we went to Coke World. My expectations were a little low after some of the stories I I wasn't expecting much. Let me just say that it was actually super fun!!! I really enjoyed myself! There were 2 movies, a picture opportunity with the large white bear, and a room where you could taste test 100 different coke flavors around the world! It was super awesome! So, we finally did something fun and signature to Atlanta for P-day! :) We also saw 2 different LDS families. They came to say hi to us. Oh, I just love the cute LDS families that want to say hi to the missionaries. It definitely made my day perfect! I figured I'd catch you up on all the people we're teaching. I was so focused on Ana, her kids, and Walter that I just forgot to mention the rest. Now that we've dropped Walter, and Ana has moved to Texas...I've got to start talking about other people.

Maria...we found her knocking. She had heard missionaries before. I don't know why she stopped listening. She's had a lot of tragedy in her life, and she is SUPER depressed. She liked just using our lessons as a "my life is hard make me feel better" sort of thing, but we've decided we need to bring happiness in her life. We brought a member who is really happy all the time, and that seemed to help. Maria is on date for baptism, but she works every Sunday and can't come to church. We are trying to set her up with our Relief Society president who works in the same field as her to try and help her get work off Sunday. She's super nice, and hopefully this Gospel can bring happiness in her life.

Juan....we found him knocking as well. He was SUPER open to everything. He accepted a Book of Mormon and read it on his own before we even met with him! He is Catholic, but he really likes learning about our church. He has accepted EVERYTHING we've taught, he just won't get baptized because he was already baptized in the catholic church. We are working with him on that. We teach him every Monday night. Hopefully he can TRULY know our message is true, and accept baptism. he also works every

Guadalupe....she was a member referral. (more like a less-active referral) I've talked about her before, but we stopped teaching her because she just wasn't answering or progressing. We got back in contact, and actually have taught her 2 times this last week. We put her on date for baptism!! We finally got to meet her husband as well. She wants us to start teaching her granddaughter. There is a LOT of potential within this family, and I'm SOOO excited!!

Gonzalo....we found him knocking. The elders taught him before, but I guess he didn't progress. After the elders taught him, his wife passed away from cancer. I guess this life event helped him realize that he is missing something. When we went to our first appointment with him, he was actually waiting at the door for us!! So cute!! It was awesome. We put him on date for baptism as well. So, we have 3 on date, and we're working with them all. There's something that's holding each of them back, but we'll get there!! Gonzalo has been in Florida for he won't be back for another he's been reading the Book of Mormon!! :)

Lupe....she was a referral from the English sisters. She is SUPER Christian, and it's awesome!! She promised to read the Book of Mormon. She's heard a lot about "Mormons" but had some misinterpretations, and we cleared those other words "no I will not be one of many wives". ;) So funny. She doesn't have a phone, so it's kind of a "hit and miss" with visiting her. She's super sweet though. She's SOOO golden! I can't wait to see how she progresses!

District Meeting...SO AMAZING!!! We played PMG Jeopardy. It was SO fun. Elder Taufa also baked brownies, and the sisters baked a cake, and the other elders brought ice cream. We celebrated my birthday, and elder Cruz's birthday. It was SOO fun. We really do have the BEST district family! :)

BIRTHDAY.....I literally had the BEST birthday in the entire world!!! 2 days before my birthday we visited a member for dinner, and we had a cake and she sang to me :) It was SO sweet. Then the day after my birthday we called Abraham to schedule an appointment, and he sang for me too. He's so sweet!!! Then the day after my birthday we went to the Mata's house for dinner, and she baked me a cake!! I don't even know how she knew it was my birthday!!! The elders called and sang happy birthday to me in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese (more like....shing wong ping pong haaa shing!!!) It was SOO funny. I just had the best birthday ever. I received SOOO much love from my family, and I was also loved here. :) :) remember the rough week we had last week? Well, this week we saw the fruits of our labor!! We called it the miracle of referrals. We received at least 5 referrals this last week from various sources. It was amazing. Heavenly Father is truly trusting us with his precious children. We are going to work SUPER hard and take care of them! :) SOOOO we had a member of the 70 come to our little branch!!! His name is Elder Soares from Brazil! SOOO cool. We normally have 90 ish...maybe...come to church every week. But this week we had 135!!!! It was amazing. The spirit was SOOO strong. It was absolutely incredible. I wish I could describe to you how it felt to sit in that Sacrament Meeting with a member of the 70 and SO many people present. I know our little branch just felt SO honored to have him come. What an incredible experience. I hope this sparked a desire in everyone to come back to church. It was amazing.

So, my week was the BOMB. It truly was. I am SOOO blessed to be a missionary. Truly. Thank you for always supporting me, loving me, and praying for me. It truly makes a difference. Love you all!

Hermana Bringhurst

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