Monday, December 28, 2015

Almost a New Year!

Dear family and friends!!

Hello hello!!! How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was absolutely incredible!!!!!! I LOVE Christmas!!! We had such a great day!!!! We were able to visit a less active family, and read the Luke 2 Christmas story with them. Then we headed to our member's house to Skype our family!!!! That was a priceless moment for me. I LOVED talking with my family!! It gave me just the boost I needed to go out and work hard this next year. I sure love my family. Then we went to East Point and had a late dinner with a member family. They were so sweet to invite us there. Our Christmas was definitely occupied, but we had long drives so I was able to ponder about my Savior during the day. I was thinking....we were driving back from East Point at about 8;30 pm, and I was thinking. "What would I be doing if I was home?" I noticed a lot of families driving with sleeping children in the back. I thought they were probably returning from Grandma's house or something. I thought that's probably what I'd be doing if I were home. I'd be driving back from the house of someone I love, with people I love, thinking about how much I love Christmas. I thought, "hey, I love the Mendoza's (the family we ate with), I'm driving back with companions I love, and it's still Christmas." Christmas is the same no matter where you go or who you're with. That is something I truly learned this Christmas. Christ is still our Savior. The day is still about Him. And the feelings I feel were exactly the same. I truly love my Savior, and I'm grateful I had a lot of time to think about Him and what He's done for me. :)

Our district was able to go caroling twice this last week. It was such an incredible experience. We weren't able to sing to too many (caroling isn't super big in Georgia apparently) but those we were able to sing to were truly touched by the spirit we brought. It was an incredible experience. I love my district, and I was grateful for the opportunity I had to spread Christmas cheer with all of them!!

We had a Christmas zone conference this last week. It was SO incredible!! I was expecting a lot of "Christmas" type stuff. But I was surprised to find that we hardly talked about it at all! We watched a little video, and President and Sister Foote shared their testimonies on the Savior. But the rest of the time was dedicated to
Family History, and the mission's goals for key indicators, and training on new baptism calendar ideas. I was surprised. But now I KNOW it's what the mission needs! So as a companionship, we are really going to try and achieve the mission's goals for the key indicators! yay! President challenged each companionship to one baptism every transfer! We can do this if we have faith! :) I learned so much from the zone conference. It was truly amazing!!!!

We are SOOO excited!!!!! He is too. He's probably more excited than us! That’s the goal here!!! I can't wait for Saturday. It will be a truly marvelous experience. I can't wait to see his face when he comes out of the water. What a change he has experienced! I can't wait to send pictures next week! Pray for him to stay strong this week!

So news update, we've had to take Hector off date. He's still going to get baptized, but his schedule is so crazy and he gets sick a lot, so we'll just have to teach him when we can, and the baptism will happen when it's supposed to :) He and Zoraida are engaged though!!! yaay!!!

Well, that's it for my week. It was a pretty slow week because everyone was partying, or out of town. But it was a great Christmas season. I'm sad it's over, but hey, I'm still a missionary!!! It always feels like Christmas when you're a missionary!!! Have a great week everyone!! Love you!!

Hermana Bringhurst

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