Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Miracles!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Christmas is finally here!! I can't even believe how fast it came! I have LOVED the Christmas season. Everyone is so friendly, happy, and open to talk with us!!! It's the BEST!!!! The coolest thing about my mission is that the Hispanics celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so we have TONS of people to visit on Christmas! We'll be busy busy busy!! Yay! :)

So, this week started with our first ever experience in a companionship. President and Sister Foote took Sister Meneses to the airport on Monday, and so we had that night, and all day Tuesday in just a companionship. It was soooo weird!! You know how missionaries feel so alone when they come home because they're used to a companion? Well we felt similar to that because we've always been used to a trio!  It's really funny. It was a great experience though! I am so used to a trio, so it was nice to be able to experience a normal companionship for a couple days. now we are back to the trio! We have Sister Webb with us. She is from Herriman Utah. She's been out for 10 months. She was the very first Spanish missionary on the mission, so sadly she had to be trained in English. but now she's here with us! She's been made designated driver even though she's never been in the area. I'm thinking it's because she'll be staying here for a while, and needs to become familiar with the area somehow! ha-ha. She's really sweet. It's kind of cool to be in a companionship with all white people. I've learned that the people still love us even though we don't speak the language perfectly. Ha-ha. I LOOOOOVE Chamblee!!! I really do!!!!! :)

So, sadly I had the flu this week. I was in bed for 3 days.....:( We didn't get a whole lot accomplished this week. I guess me not dying is an accomplishment. ;) Ha-ha. It was kind of a bummer to be in bed for 3 days, but oh well. I'm better now! Yay!!

There's a really neat miracle I want to share. We taught Fermin the Word of Wisdom on Saturday, and it went SOOO well!! He told us he had already stopped drinking, smoking, etc. 2 years before!! He said he knew it was something he needed to do! So, he was ready before we talked to him! Yay! Fermin is the bomb!! So, at the end of the lesson, the spirit told me to promise Fermin that one day he'd be able to pray in the Gospel Principles class. I thought it was way off topic, and kind of ignored the prompting for a little bit. Side note: Fermin is very shy, and doesn't really like to pray in front of anyone. It's the one thing he's struggling with. Then I finally listened to the prompting, and looked Fermin dead in the eye and said, "fermin, I promise you that one day in the gospel principles class the teacher is going to ask for a volunteer for the prayer, and you will shoot your hand up and say 'I will pray!!' " He kind of just looked like a deer in the headlights...but then he said, " day." So, I knew that the spirit had promised him something, and I was anxious to see if this promise would come to pass! I knew it would, but there's always that fear....SO the next day at church, the teacher asked for a volunteer for the prayer, and no one said anything, so he asked one of the members to pray. THEN, Fermin shot his hand in the air and said, "I will pray!!" It was incredible!!!! he gave the most BEAUTIFUL prayer I have EVER heard! I was almost in tears! It was amazing to see that the Lord truly gives us power to listen to the spirit and make promises to people, and see them come to pass. We were so proud of Fermin! He is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately none of the branch presidency will be able to make it on December 26th, so we have moved his baptism to the 2nd. But it's okay, because on that date he will have more love and support from the branch! yay! He's SOOO ready!!! I love being a missionary!! a little update on him. We are unsure of when he'll get baptized. It's just a matter of when he has time, but we were able to meet with him last night, and we have an appointment tonight!! Yay!! Everything happens with the Lord's timing. I have to keep that in mind. He is absolutely incredible as well. he is so ready, and so excited. I just love teaching him!! He has opened up to us WAY more!! It's absolutely incredible. I just love being a missionary!!! It's the BEST!!!!!!

So, I just wanted to say how much I love my area. I love the members, I love the people, and I just love everything! I am so happy to be here!! I love love love it here! I would be TOTALLY fine if I served my whole mission in Chamblee!!!! I feel like the longer I'm here...the sadder I'm going to be to leave if I do.....I just love it here!!! I am SOOO happy!!! :)

I just wanted to share my testimony of my Savior. I love Him so much. I know the atonement is real. I am so grateful to have an older brother who is with me every step of my mission. I know He suffered for all my sins, and all my sadness, all my trials, and everything else. I know He knows me. I know He lives. I know He loves me. I am so grateful for this Christmas season. He has given me everything, and I will do my best to give Him everything I can.

I love you so much!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas!!! :) :)


Hermana Bringhurst

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