Monday, July 18, 2016

Opposition in All Things

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week was SOOOOO incredible!!!! Really. We were actually able to meet with our investigators this week!!! it was AWESOME!!!!!

We had a member with us when we went to visit Susanna. The lesson was AMAZING!!! The member was PERFECT for Susanna. She really felt the spirit, and even her husband joined in the lesson at the end!! :):):) It was AWESOME!!!! I learned that we truly need members for this work to happen! it was SUCH a cool lesson!!! :):):):)

We also taught Pilar this week. She was really receptive, and agreed to actually read and what not. We're trying to get her to get her husband and kids involved. She is really hesitant. But she agreed to try. Her husband doesn't work Sundays, so it's perfect!!! We are SOOO excited to get the whole family involved!!! :):):):)

So, we sort of lost contact with the Sosa family for a while. They never called us back, never came to church, etc. We went by to visit them and they acted like they weren't home and didn't answer :( Finally one day we decided to stalk the house and wait for her to get home. As soon as she pulled in, we drove by and I basically yelled at her out the window. She said she was busy until today, so hopefully we'll be able to have a lesson with her this week!!!

I learned that to really appreciate an area with lots of work happening, you need to have a period where it's really difficult to do the work. Opposition is real, and we need it! :) I am SOOOOO grateful for the harder times on my mission so that I can truly appreciate the great times!!!! :):):):)

I had a neat experience this week. We went to see a less active, and she was not home. The spirit told me to knock the door across from hers. I was like "uh, no" But the spirit kept telling me. I thought we'd do it later. We were hot and tired, so we just started leaving,t hen the spirit was just like "do it NOW!" So I finally did, and we knocked on the door. Well, a white Buddhist lady answered the door, and wouldn't even pray with us. I thought, 'why did the spirit tell me to knock this door??" Well, my district leader told me that maybe the Lord was just seeing if I would listen to the spirit or not, so that when the time comes when someone really DOES want the missionaries and IS prepared, the Lord knows I WILL follow the promptings. So that was my cool experience this week :)

I love you all SOOOOO much!!!!! I want to wish  a very happy birthday to my Grandma Tanner, and my brother Brandon this Friday! Happy birthday!!! :):):)

Have a great week everyone!!! :):)

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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