Monday, December 5, 2016

Karla and Eddie are getting Baptized!!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! I had the WORST headache this morning because I was just crying and crying yesterday! Sunday was the BEST!!!! I felt the spirit SO strong!! I love being here!!! I HAVE to start with testimony meeting in Spanish. Ok. So Eddie bore his testimony. He was sOOOOOO cute!!! he started his testimony like it was a prayer, then realized it was a testimony, and tried again. It was SO cute and SO pure!!! :) I just CRIED!! He is an ANGEL!!!! His parents bore their testimonies too! Danilo had an 

accident, so he's in a wheelchair, and he just bore the most POWERFUL testimony. He got baptized just over a year ago. His wife Luz battled cancer. They are a POWER couple. They are SOOO excited for their daughter Karla to get baptized. She is so excited too. I just cried because I was SO grateful to have the opportunity to get to know these people. I am SO blessed for the experiences I've had as a missionary. I will cherish them FOREVER!!! They are getting baptized this Saturday at 1 pm!!! I am SOOOO beyond excited!!! What a great last Saturday of the mission right?? :) I am SOOOOO excited!!!! :)

Not everyone in the Rios family came. Just the dad, but it was SOO cool that he came alone even though his wife was sick and his son was with his aunt. I can't even believe how much he loves church! This family is AMAZING!!! :) I am SO excited he came to church. He loves the members too. He's SO great! :) They are progressing wonderfully! I won't get to see them baptized, but I know they will be! :)

This is the Rios Family

We had a sister's meeting with all the sisters in the mission. It was the 1st of December, so it kicked off the worldwide day of service! Woot! I had the opportunity to go to an assisted living center. Most of the girls opted to sing, and not a lot wanted to paint nails, so I figured "why not, I'll paint nails!" It was the COOLEST experience of my life! While they all gathered around to listen to the sisters sing, I went around with my chair and painted their nails. One lady said, "every time I look at my nails, I'll think of you!" Another lady just squeezed my hand and said she was having a terrible day. I held her hand back and told her I was there for her. After I painted her nails, she just gave me the biggest hug and held onto me. She said she had gotten her teeth pulled, and getting her nails painted made it all better :) I couldn't help but let a tear fall down my cheek. The sisters were singing Christmas songs, and I just looked around and saw all these old people listening to the music and crying. It really brought the Christmas spirit into my heart. I didn't do service that day. I was lifted by them. I am grateful Heavenly Father gave me that opportunity to feel the true spirit of Christmas. :)

NOTE BY MOM:  Sisters singing at the rest home.  This picture is from the mission blog.  Shannon isn't pictured.
It was interesting to read our "vocal performance major" opted to paint nails instead of sing!
So proud of her for always following the spirit!

This week was AMAZING!! I love being a missionary. It's weird that I'll only be writing y'all one more time. It doesn't feel real yet. I hope to make this the best week yet! Love you all! :)

Sister/Hermana Bringhurst :)

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