Monday, November 16, 2015

Mary Kay, Smoke Detectors, and Tablets

Dearest Family and Friends,

Yet another amazing week has passed here in Atlanta Georgia.....sadly there isn't any snow....but it's okay!! We are listening to Christmas Music!!! Haha!! :) I wanted to give an update on him. He is doing super amazing!!! He still won't come to church or be baptized, BUT we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and before we even got to the "why we don't" or "what will happen if we do keep this law" part, he asked "Okay, so it says no coffee, and I believe that this Word of Wisdom is do I stop drinking coffee?" HELLO!!!!! He is SOOO awesome!! I can't even believe it!!! He just rocks my socks. So we finished talking about the Word of Wisdom and his question got answered. :) He is so awesome. I can't believe he won't come to church or get baptized, but he'll read the BOM and keep the Word of Wisdom. Haha, he'll come around someday. :)

Abraham y Milagros....I just LOVE these two. They really are like our parents here on the mission. I just wanted to share that while I was on exchanges a while back with Sister Creech, I called Abraham to set an appointment, and I had completely lost my voice that day because I'd done so much talking!! Abraham asked if he could say a prayer for me. So right there on the call, my investigator said a prayer that I would get my voice back so I could keep preaching the word and being a missionary. It was so sweet. I was in tears. I just can't believe how much love these two have for us missionaries. Even though they don't believe in the BOM or will come to church, they are the kindest people I have ever met on the mission. It's people like this and experiences like this that I will cherish whether they get baptized or not. :)

Sister we had the wonderful opportunity of having all the sisters in the whole mission get together this last week!!! It was SOOOOO much fun!! There are 70 of us total. It's amazing!! We talked a lot about the Priesthood, and how we receive the same blessings, but how we also need to respect those who hold a Priesthood office and not overstep our boundaries. We referenced Conference a lot, and just had a good "you are awesome!" talk. We also had to be instructed on "what do you do if someone is flirting with you?" It was awkward. It was such a fun conference. Sister Foote is just SOOO sweet!! We got to practice a Christmas song that the Sisters are singing. Sister Foote asked me to play for it, so that should be way fun!! We also had a fun lunch and got to know all the sisters, and then we had a clothing exchange!! It was SOO fun! Sister Foote wants to do one every 6 months. I am so looking forward to the next one!

Member Referrals....Okay, so this is where the title of the email comes in. We received 2 member referrals this week. One member wanted us to come to her boss's house and teach her there, and the other member wanted us to come to her house, and she was going to bring a friend. Both of these appointments happened to be on the same day. So, we went to the first one. We were SOO excited!!! We NEVER get member referrals!!! So, we go into the house, and it's NOT a Hispanic house. The member came in and said that we'd be teaching in English. Ok, great. So then the old lady comes in, and we start trying to teach her....part way through our "why did you want to see the missionaries today?" talk, we found out that we weren't there to teach her about the Gospel....we were called over to teach her how to use her new tablet. Awkward. So, we spent about 30 minutes teaching this really old lady how to use a tablet while she told us crazy stories. So, that didn't go as planned. Then. The second member referral. The member took us into the room of her apartment complex where people would have a business meeting. Then in walks a representative of the Mary Kay make up company. Awkward. She began setting up products, and mirrors for everyone. So it turns out that our member is trying to become a representative for Mary kay as well, so she needed to bring friends to a demonstration so she could practice. We were bamboozled!!! So we had about an hour long Mary Kay demonstration. At least my face was soft by the end. The weirdest part was at the very end when we had to recite "face, face, you are amazing and beautiful, and you can stay that way with Mary Kay!" while looking in the mirror. Awkward. So, our member lessons did not go as planned this week. Haha, it was really funny, and really awkward.

Service our district and one other district from our zone were asked to do a service project for Red Cross this week. We arrived, and had to put on the Red Cross vests and everything. It was totally official. Then I was given my assignment as "installer" .....huh? Installing what exactly??? It turns out that the project was going around the city and offering to install smoke detectors for free. Yikes. I have NEVER installed a smoke detector. We got a 5 minute tutorial and we were off. I got a drill, a ladder, and a flashlight. YIKES!!! I was nervous. I ended up installing 2 smoke detectors that day.....let's just say that is something I NEVER anticipated doing on the mission. I just love being a missionary. You get to have all these crazy opportunities!

Primary it was the Primary Program for our branch yesterday. you can't go wrong with the primary program!! I was SOOO excited! I got to play the piano :) THe kids are just sooo cute. Their testimonies are just so simple, and yet so powerful. I definitely learned from them. We also got to teach Relief Society. We taught Chapter 22 about bringing the Gospel to the world, and how we can all be missionaries. How perfect!!! I was so excited for the opportunity! It ended up going really well. :) I just love the Chamblee branch. I love being here.

So, that's my week for you!!! It was definitely an interesting one!! That's why I love being a missionary! You never know what is going to happen!! I love you all!!
Hermana Bringhurst

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