Monday, November 30, 2015

The Holidays are Here!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Happy Holidays!!! Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?? I am beyond excited!!!! There are a couple houses that have some lights turned on, but only a couple. It's beginning to look like Christmas!! Well, this week has been absolutely AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it has been!!

First off, we had 2 amazing lessons with 2 amazing investigators. The first is named Hector. He is the boyfriend of one of our strongest members. They want to get married in the temple one day!! Hector really wants to get baptized. He has come to church quite a bit, but he travels a lot, so we haven't really been able to teach him. Well, he is finally back for good!! So, we were finally able to meet with him and teach him the first lesson. Yay!! he absolutely loved it. He agreed to be baptized!! So, we have an incredible baptism taking place on December 12th! Yay!!! He even prayed for the first time!! Zoraida (the member) was just crying! There was such a sweet spirit! I am SOO lucky to be able to be a part of this! The second is Fermin. I think I've talked about him. (His name is pronounced "fair-mean") He is the one who is going through a mighty change right now. He has been coming to church for himself, and taking the lessons as well. We taught him the Restoration, and he loved it. He needs to be taught really simply. For 2 weeks, he wouldn't pray. He just wouldn't. It's really hard to get him to keep his commitments. But, something changed in him this past week. He is so different. He has a different light about him. We had a lesson with him in a member's home. It was so great! We decided to teach simply, and just teach him about faith. It was a great lesson! WE invited him to baptism, and he said yes. He said a genuine yes. He said he'd really been thinking about it for a long time, but he just needed help to get there. We told him we were here! We gave him the date of December 26th to prepare. He has agreed. Wow. Can you believe it?? I certainly can. He is so ready. He has really changed.
He has friendshipped the young single adults in the branch, and has totally changed his friend circle. It's incredible to watch. He is absolutely amazing. We are going to help him every step of the way. He also prayed for the first time in his life during the lesson! The first time ever!! It was so sweet! He had the biggest smile on his face! Wow. I am so so so so so so lucky to be here!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving....I had the BEST thanksgiving  ever!!!! My mom sent me a package to help me make a Thanksgiving dinner! No one invited us over.....sad I cooked a real Thanksgiving dinner! It was the whole 9 yards!! It was the best meal I've ever had!! The Sandy Springs Sisters also didn't have anyone to go to, so they came over! We put on Christmas music and ate the best meal of our entire lives! What a great day!!! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. We all took turns saying what we're grateful for. It was amazing to just sit and talk about our blessings. We truly are blessed! I just love the holidays!!! remember our awesome referral?? Yep, she's awesome. We went to teach her twice this last week. The first time we taught her, she was talking a lot about her family are all members, and how she went with them to church when she was little....mmmmm? We kind of got this feeling that she was a member herself. So we texted her and asked. Well, yep......she's a member. She hasn't been to church in 26 years though. Wow. so she's very less active. Heavenly Father led us to one of his really lost sheep!! She was going to come to church yesterday, but she was DEATHLY ill. But, she lives in the same complex as our Assistant Ward Mission he can take her anytime! Her daughter isn't a member, and is TOTALLY willing to drive her to church. Her daughter is super interested when we come over! This is a wonderful window of opportunity! So, that was our big news of the week. :) we visited one of our less actives this past week. She doesn't want to come to church because she always feels guilty when she comes because she's not living according to the Gospel. It's been hard to work with her. But she's changed a lot! She used to be so sad! Now, she is so happy! We simply have to go to her house, present a topic or scripture, and ask her thoughts, then the spirit touches her heart, and she talks it out to us and figures out the answer on her own! We only need to bring the spirit. She's amazing. She said she wanted to fast, and we offered to fast with her. We did a 24-hour fast with her. It was incredible! The cool part of the story is this.....we specifically fasted to find a family to teach (all of our progressing investigators are 40 year old men...we need to find some families!!) So we started our fast at 6, and at 7 we went to visit a referral in East Point. Well, the lady answered the door and invited us in. Guess what? She has 5 kids!!!! there was our family!!!!!!!!!! We were sooooo excited!!! The power of fasting is real!! It was so incredible. The Lord is truly blessing us!!

Wow. It's been a great week! There is SOO much going on!!! SO much! I am grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary. I truly am. I am so grateful for this Holiday season! Thank you all for your love and support. I love you all so much! Have a great holiday season!

Hermana Bringhurst


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