Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Trio

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week was amazing!!! We were able to teach both of our progressing families!!!!! Unfortunately we could not get members to come, but that's okay! The Lord has a purpose for everything, and we'll keep trying to involve the branch!! :)

So, we taught the Lechheb's last week about the role of Jesus Christ, and then we talked about baptism. Nadia, the mom, accepted the invitation to be baptized. She said the most BEAUTIFUL prayer. She said she always feels so peaceful when we come over. She and her daughter Inass read the Book of Mormon. Like for real. They read EVERY chapter we leave with them. It's amazing to see the change in them. They are now understanding who Jesus Christ is, and what His atonement is. They are learning to repent and pray. WOW. They are a miracle. I love seeing the light come into their eyes. They are SO special. The Lord has been preparing them for quite some time. They've shared some pretty neat spiritual experiences they've had in the past that have led them to this point. They are definitely prepared :) We taught them last night as well about the whole plan of salvation. They believed mostly about the pre earth life, but they mainly believed in reincarnation. The mom always believed after we die we go to a state of rest and peace. It was GREAT to build off of that. They LOVED the plan of salvation. Inass told us she raelly wanted to be baptized, and she had lots of questions. Throughout the lesson, she'd lean over to her mom and say "I really like what the hermanas are teaching me" WOW!!! She even made us a really yummy cookie treat with nutella on it! She's adorable!!! :) I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!! Sadly they couldn't come to church because of illness, but all is well! pray for them please! :)

We also saw Joseida this last week. We taught her about our purpose on earth and the importance of the book of Mormon. We got talking about the plan of salvation, and she told us what she has believed her whole life. She basically said EVERYTHING in the plan of

 salvation. She is SO prepared!!! :) She accepted baptism as well, and wants to keep studying before she commits to a date. She is perfect! We were able to teach the husband as well on Sunday! Joseida and Carlos celebrated 3 years of marriage together on Sunday! They got married after they had their 4th child. They said when they came closer to God, they wanted to get married and have it be a true marriage with God in the center. Wow. They are GREAT!!! We stopped by Sunday to give them the Family; a proclamation to the world,a nd they LOVED it! Carlos is going to take his book of Mormon with him to work and read it in the hotel!! :) YAY!!!!! They are so amazing as well! please pray for them! :)

We have been really trying to work as a trio this week. We really need the spirit as part of our companionship. We have noticed the influence of the spirit in our work in incredible ways!! We have been led to visit people in the EXACT moment they needed to see us. The Lord is really in charge of this work. If we listen to the spirit, and follow its promptings, it will lead us to do the Lord's work in HIS way :)

I LOVE being a missionary.  It's such an amazing blessing. I have seen SO many miracles and have grown in so many ways. Thank you for wall your love and support. Have a GREAT week!

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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