Monday, April 11, 2016


Dearest Family and Friends,

This week has been absolutely incredible! We have seen SOO many miracles! Too many amazing things happened so I can't even write them all with the time I have! It was just too amazing! I did learn a valuable lesson though. I had been so discouraged this transfer, and only looked at the worst. I just gritted my teeth and held on until something good happened. Well, it did, and here am I in the good, and it's amazing!!! But I wasted so much time wallowing in my sadness because of the bad. I've learned that good does come. It always does. But I want to work on trying to make the best of the not so great times, instead of just sitting around and waiting for the good. So that's my lesson learned of the week :)

Now onto the greatness of the week!! Rogelio and Flor came to church for the second week in a row!!! They absolutely loved it!!! It was fast and testimony meeting, so that was GREAT for them!!! They had such a great time! A member said they hoped to see them next week, and Flor said "if God wants it", then she turned to us and said "And He's going to want it!" It was so cute!!! They are a GREAT family! We had an amazing lesson with them and our branch president. They agreed to work toward a specific date for baptism, but they havne't fully agreed to baptism yet. They said they feel good enough to keep investigating, but haven't received the baptism confirmation yet. We know they will. :)

So, we have received SO many member referrals lately! Seriously! All we've had to do is show up at the member's house, and before we can even say "who do you know?" they say, "Hey! Want to come with me to my neighbor's house and teach them??" It's incredible!!! So we got 3 new investigators this week just from members!!! Holy cow! It's incredible!!!

Hector got the priesthood this week!!!! yay!!!!!! WE were SOOO excited! WE are planning on going to the temple this Saturday!!! Hector can't go, but Fermin and the elders' recent converts can! Maybe it will actually happen this time!!! :) WE are SOOO excited!!!

Since our teaching pool hadn't been so great, we did a lot of finding this last week. We were walking down the Buford Highway, and we saw a lady at the bus stop. We stopped to talk to her, and left her with a card. We got her number and went on our way. Because we talked to her, she missed her bus :( So later down the road, we saw her again! :) We said hi, and she walked into an apartment complex we visit often. Fast forward. We were on team ups with a returned missionary, and she went with Sister Cuevas to an appointment, while Sister Stewart and I went to another. They're appointment was in the apartments we saw Lourdes (bus stop lady) walk into. We joked and said, "maybe you'll find Lourdes!!" Well, they DID!!!! She happened to walk out of her house, and they stopped to talk to her! Apparently missionaries had visited her before, but she moved and lost contact! What a miracle!!! The Lord is truly blessing us!!!!

So this week truly has been amazing. Truly. I am SOOOO grateful for missionary work!!! It's incredible!!! We see miracles everyday, and sometimes I take them for granted. I hope I can learn to be more positive even in the midst of trials. I hope you all have a GREAT week! Love you!

Hermana Bringhurst

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