Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy 9 Months!! :)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow. Did all of you enjoy conference as much as I did?? I feel like my pen couldn't keep up with all the wonderful things I wanted to write down! I can't wait for the Ensign to come out! I have SO many goals now as to how I can become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I am SO filled with the spirit after this conference. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

So, first I'll talk about the 2 amazing lessons we had this week, and then I'll tell you about the conference miracle we had!! We taught Rogelio and Flor this week with our ward mission leader. Sadly, some unfortunate things happened to Flor related to her job, but on the bright side - they can come to the full 3 hours of churc h!!! The Lord is providing a way for them! They just don't see the blessings yet...but they will!!! It was a great lesson! We talked about what Nephi did to find answers to his questions, and how they can do the same for the book of Mormon and baptism. They agreed to come to conference. It was SOO amazing!!! Then on Saturday after the first 2 sessions of conference, we visited with the nephew of the less active I talked about last week. He wasn't super into the lesson at first, then when we started talking about the apostasy, his eyes widened and the questions flooded! He really wants to know if our church truly is the true church. The thought of one true church makes him so happy, and he wants to know! he agreed to read the Book of Mormon, and he said he'd come to conference! He even said the closing prayer, and his aunt was crying. It was really sweet :)

Now fast forward to the Sunday morning session. In walks Estaban!!! We were SOOO excited!!! Then Rogelio, Flor, and their little 4 year old followed!! We were overcome with joy!! We had called the elders' recent convert family before and asked them to sit with Rogelio and Flor. Everyone was all set! It was so exciting! We watched conference in English in our branch president's office. We could hardly focus on anything the first few speakers because we were SOOOOO excited! It
seemed that all the talks were especially for them! Especially Sister Oscarson's talk. The lord always provides a way!

Miracles are everywhere! Sometimes missionary work is slow, and there are lots of disappointments...BUT you can't let it get you down. That's what Satan wants. I learned a valuable lesson about patience through adversity this week. The Lord has been with me throughout all the hard time as much as He's been with me through the joyous. I love Easter, conference, our prophet, modern revelation, and missionary work. This week was GOLDEN!! I just had to hold on until Sunday to make it all worth it! :) I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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