Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy One Year! :)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow, is time really going by this fast?? I can't believe I will be at ONE YEAR this week. Wow, that's crazy. It really seems like yesterday I said goodbye to my family at the Salt Lake airport, then headed to Mexico. Man. Time is a CRAZY thing!!!! I am SOOO excited that I have 6 more months to be here!!! it will be VERY quick, so I will make the most of it!!! Tomorrow is also my parents' 30th anniversary, so happy anniversary to them!!!! I am so grateful that my parents decided to get married for time and all eternity 30 years ago!!! They are the most amazing parents in the WHOLE world, and I am SOOO grateful for them!!!! :):)

Unfortunately, Gabriela is no longer on date :( She has been super busy, and we haven't been able to meet with her. We still call her all the time, so things are good, but she just is SUPER busy. Hopefully we'll get things going again this week! We do have a lot of new people that we're teaching!!! Hopefully a lot will stick! So I'll just talk about a few of them!! Susanna is AMAZING! We met her knocking, and she said we could come back. Well, at our next lesson, she immediately
came out, and was SOO excited to talk to us. Apparently she's watched stuff about the church before -some good, some bad. But she is super open to hear. She's catholic, but doesn't practice it, so she's not super willing to change, but she's willing to listen, so we'll see how that goes :) Now, the Trujio (true - hee -oh) family. They have 5 kids. One baby girl, and four boys ages 9, 13, 14, and 18. They seemed SO legit when we talked to them. They live right across from a member.
Well, they are SUPER shy. They claim to be catholic, but they don't even really know about God. So we are teaching very simply. They don't talk at ALL in the lessons. So we are going to try and bring a member family, and hopefully get the kids involved in the weekly soccer games our branch does. We know they have SOOO much potential, and we're so excited to have a FAMILY to teach!!! :):):):) Now, Pilar is SO cool! It was like 100 degrees outside, and all our appointments were
cancelling, so we just went knocking. We knocked on Pilar's door, and we were kind of just going through the motions of the door approach. After we told her we represented Jesus Christ and we had a special message, she immediately told her daughter to get chairs, and we sat out on the porch and she wanted to hear our "special message". Wow. Just like preach my gospel says, some people WILL recognize us as the Lord's servants, and we need to have the faith that we'll FIND them! :) We have an appointment with her today, so we hope it all works out!!! :)

We have seen SOO many miracles! We have begun teaching the 5 lessons to 2 member families, and now we have 3 part member families on board as well! SOOOO many great things are happening!!!! :) Thank you for your love and support. I hope you all have an amazing week! :) :)

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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