Monday, August 8, 2016

This is the Lord's Work

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow. I love being a missionary. You know how everybody tells the story of that amazing missionary miracle? the ones where they pray to find a family, or someone prepared to receive the gospel, and they fall right in their laps?? Yeah, well I've heard PLENTY of those around the mission. it motivates me to do better, and to have more faith. Sometimes it discourages me though...but I can't let that happen. Those miracles are REAL, so why can't they happen to me? Well, they can. the sisters have not had a baptism in my area since September, but he goes to YSA ward now....and the recent converts of the elders are all the area has been struggling a little bit. SO. My companion and I decided we needed to exercise our faith and pray for a miracle. Well, we got our miracle. On Saturday we got a call from our Relief Society President that there was a new family from Venezuela who just moved in. They were very well off in Venezuela, very educated, etc. Because of the political situation there, they had to move here to the states. Well, their cousin is a member, and they live in Utah. They referred the family to our branch president somehow, and that's how word got to us. So, we called this lady, her name is Joseida. She is sOOOO adorable!!! We told her church was the next day and we wanted to come see her!!! Well, guess who came to church the next day??? Joseida and her husband Carlos!!!! They are the most PERFECT people ever. They are the cutest couple, they participate in the classes, they have a great knowledge of the Gospel, love the members, etc. It was the most IDEAL situation EVER. Oh my gosh. I couldn't even believe it!!! We went to visit them after church. The husband and their little 4 year old were sleeping, so we went to the laundry facility with the mom. WE talked about the church and answered her questions. We sat on the grass outside. She left to go attend to her laundry, and we said like 3 prayers we could know what to talk about ...well, she came back and said, "tell me about the Book of Mormon." WOW!!! So we did, and she LOVED everything!!! ::):):):) We then headed back to her apartment, and her husband was awake and wanted to hear the same thing!!! So while the wife cooked, we visited with the husband and shared everything. now, it's going to get even better!! :):):) They have a friend (another Carlos) living with them. He's from Cuba, moved to Venezuela, then came to Georgia with them. He was interested and participated in the lesson too!!! :):):):) Joseida's brother also lives with them now. His family is in Miami waiting to get permission to come to Georgia, and guess what?? Joseida's brother is a MEMBER!!!!!!!! he got baptized in JUNE!!!! of THIS YEAR!!!!! We sat everyone down, and had an amazing lesson! Jose Miguel (the brother) basically did EVERYTHING! It was AMAZING!!!! I have never seen such interest in a family before! They accepted EVERYTHING we taught! I haven't felt this way in a lesson for a LONG time!! Wow. It was beyond incredible!!! They know how to pray, they study the scriptures together as a family, they want to go to church again, etc. If they aren't prepared, I must have a wrong definition of the word prepared. OH my. This is the miracle this area needs. I am so grateful to the lord that He allowed my companion and I to be a part of this miracle. They are the sweetest people I've ever met....and I know the Lord has been preparing them for a LONG time!!! I am SOOO excited!!!:):):):):) Please pray for this family! It's the Chataing-Pinero family :)

So, nothing could really top the amazingness of this miracle we had. I had the outline of my email this week, and I was going to talk about how the adversary was REALLY working on me this week to discourage me, and that I needed to just have patience and let the Lord do His work...then the miracle happened, and my email changed. Isn't it interesting how it connected though? The Lord was preparing ME for this as well. It's almost like He was just putting His arms around me....telling me to hold on. Missionary work is amazing. I am SOOO blessed to be a part of it!! :):):) I hope you all have an amazing week!!! :):):):):):):) I love you all! :)

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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