Monday, October 17, 2016

Greetings from the South!

Dearest Family and Friends,

I have finally been called to serve in the south!!! For real!!! I got transferred to an area that covers 2 wards. I serve in the Douglasville English Ward, and the Sweetwater Spanish WARD. I am SO pumped!!! I serve half and half English and Spanish! It is a LOT of work, and we have no problem keeping busy!!! :) Hahaha. I am having real experiences serving in the South. For real now! They are SO loving and SO sweet here! They all LOVE Jesus Christ. It's amazing! I love that I can talk to anyone now! I don't have to just look forhispanics! It's amazing! I'm living the life!

My first experience tracting in English was pretty cool. We met a man named Terrance. He showed us his card that makes him an official preacher. Boy did he preach to us! haha. He looked me in the eyes and told me, "You look like you worry a are worried you aren't perfect, and you're beating yourself up about it. Don't do that. God loves you, and you're doing a great job. Stop worrying." It was seriously an answer to my prayers! He was SO sweet! He agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We said a prayer holding hands, like they do in the south, and it was SO powerful. I just LOVE being a missionary!!

The people in the Spanish ward are SO nice! I haven't gotten a chance to formally meet the wards because it was Stake Conference yesterday, but I've met a couple here and there. They are SO nice. They all are SO excited to have me here. It's a HUGE difference from the first part of my misison. The Lord is really helping me with my Spanish, and I think the people are trusting me because of that. It's SOOOO incredible!!!! I am SOO happy!!!

Unfortunately we only have 1 English investigator, and no Spanish investigators. There is a lot of work to do. My companion is Sister Sundwall from Tremonton Utah. She's super sweet! She wasn't called Spanish originally, but she has been learning it on the mission. She's such an inspiration to me! :) She's adorable! :) She's new to the area as well, so we're both just starting fresh and giving it all we've got!! :) We are SO excited to get things going here! :)

I miss my old area dearly...but I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. It's been a hard change, but I know it's right. I only have 2 months left. I have to give it EVERYTHING I have, and take all I've learned with me off that airplane. :)

So I have a funny's not that funny, but it was to me. (Keep in mind i've been in Spanish, so all this southern stuff is new and SO funny to me) We were at a less active's house. We were cleaning her house. Her son was in the bathroom taking a shower. He's like 28. Just picture this conversation with the most black southern voice you can imagine. "SON, don't you be walking out here with no clothes on! Them sisters are here in thehouse!!"  "MOTHER, really? I know better!!! could you imagine me walking out in all my negligence???" It was SOOO funny. I just about DIED!! I LOVE these people!!!!

The mission is amazing. I am finally serving in ther south and LOVING it!!! I am officially Sister/Hermana Bringhurst :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Love,Sister/Hermana Bringhurst :)

New outfit for birthday!

There is sunshine in my soul today.
It's my new companion, ya'll

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