Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Ultimate Test of Faith

Dearest Family and Friends,

You know how you have low points in your mission, and you fight and fight to get out because you know there's that light at the end of the tunnel?? Well, that's been happening to me these past 3 transfers. It's been SOOO hard to get the work going here. But I knew the Lord was in charge and I just needed to put my faith in Him. Well, We went from like 3 investigators to 17 in like 2 weeks. SO many miracles have been happening. We're right about to hit the peak of some amazing things here in this area.....then Saturday I got the call I'm getting transferred. :( I was BEYOND upset. I've spent the last 3 transfers giving it my all, and then getting taken out right before I'm about to see the fruits of my labors. I was VERY upset.....but then I knew the Lord was still in charge, and I needed to see it from His perspective, and not question so much. Some really amazing things have happenedhere, and I need to focus on that. I wanted to share a neat experience. Last night we went to a part member family to say our goodbyes. The 12 year old son is baptized, and the dad is the brother of the 2nd counselor in the presidency. They aren't members. when I went to say goodbye, the dad was getting emotional, and he told me he just felt so close to me, more so than other missionaries, and he was so sad to see me go. He told me how mytestimony impacted him. I was in TEARS. No one has ever told me that. I couldn't believe there was actually someone who was really touched by the spirit we brought. I am SOOO sad to leave them, but I left that lesson knowing that there are indeed people we touch. It doesn't matter how long we're in an area, or who gets baptized or doesn't, etc. What matters is that Heavenly Father puts us there when we're supposed to be there, and for how LONG we're supposed to be there. I served the time here I was supposed to. I have SO much faith in that. I am SO happy to have spent 4 months here. I love these people somuch. They have changed MY life. Being a missionary is SOOO rewarding!! Aracely came to church!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! She's SOOOOO amazing!!! :):):):):):):):):) I WILL be coming to visit for her baptism! ;) Haha :)

So, we have standards of excellence for all the key indicators. President Foote wants us to all hit those numbers by October 18th. I have never successfully done it my entire mission. My companion and I wanted to put our faith to the test, and put our trust in Heavenly Father and get those numbers!! We worked SOOO hard this week. We were shoving food in our faces and didn't even have time to breathe!! :) It was CRAZY!!! Unfortunately, we still didn't hit the numbers. BUT we saw the hand of the Lord in the work. We needed to contact 10 referrals. We only received 4 that week. This was Saturday, so we had until Sunday night to get 6 referrals and contact them. We called almost every member, and got 2 more referrals that DAY!!! :) WOOHOO! the Lord was looking out for us! We called the elders in a frenzy, and they found one for us! We bolted over to her house, and she wasn'thome! We literally just stayed on the porch and talked about something for like 5 minutes 
... then decided to leave. As we drove away, she came outside!!!! Heavenly FAther TOTALLY inspired us to stay there so we could contact her! In conference we learned that we cannot use our faith to take away someone's agency....but what we can do, is have the faith God can put us where we need to be, and tell us what we need to say. We have NO control over who comes to church, who gets baptized, or who gives us a referral...but what we DO have control over is our FAITH in the ONE PERSON who can lead us to those people who ARE prepared. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!! This week truly has been a test of my faith, and I'm SOOO glad I learned this valuable lesson. Being a missionary is SOOO rewarding. The key to happiness is obedience and faith. Truly. I have learned SO much about weakness and repentance on my misisno. Good thing God is loving and merciful, and can take someone weak like me, and make me strong. :) I love you all! have a great week!

Love,Hermana Bringhurst :)

P.S. The branch threw me a surprise party for my birthday. Aren't theySO sweet!!! I LOVE THIS AREA!!! :)

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