Monday, November 7, 2016

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been AMAZING!!! Nothing particularly incredible happened....but it has just felt like a GREAT week.

We had interviews with the mission President this last week. They are changing it, and now we'll be doing them every 6 weeks. Fun huh? The AP's trained us on finding. To be honest....I don't like going and finding. It's not my favorite thing...haha. But it's rare to find a missionary who actually LOVES finding. BUT. This training was AMAZING. It made me realize how fun finding can be! It's not just knocking doors and giving pass along cards at the's SO much more!! Sister Sundwall and I have been having some GREAT times finding this week :) We were SUPER hungry one day. It was 3 and we hadn't eaten. Well, we both just thought "the car is dirty, look there's a free car wash, let's go!" We totally ignored how hungry we were, and went to go get a car wash NOT on P-Day. HELLO THAT'S NOT OKAY. No idea why we did that. BUT. We were vacuuming the car, and as I was backing up my companion, a man asked me why I was dressed so nice. I told him I was a misisonary, he asked what church, I told him, then he said he had been looking for a church since moving from Florida. He asked for our card and said he really wanted to come and see if it was the church God wanted him to go to. HOLY COW. I know why we went to the car wash. He even said he knew God put us there so he could meet us. Wow. SO cool. :)

We've been working a lot with less actives. The Bishop in the Douglasville ward told me like my FIRST day here that he wanted me to work with a less active family. He said, "you only have like 2 months here.....I would like you to spend that last time giving it your all to work with this family." That's pressure. We hadn't been able to make contact for like 2 weeks. I was SO bummed. THEN, we were out on a team up with one of the Laurel's and we felt impressed to go visit the family. The oldest daughter who just graduated was there. It was SO cool to visit with her finally! We really bonded, and she said she'd get her whole family together so we could come over :) It was AMAZING!!! The spirit really guided that. The dad's mother is SUPER active. She hadn't been responding to us either because she had been busy. We dropped by to say hi, and she was there! We bonded immediately. She LOVES Disney! We talk about it all the time now! I KNEW Bishop was inspired! I am SOOO excited to work with this family. The grandma of the family was talking about the history of her family, and how she goes way back in Georgia Mormon history. She was baptized in the building where Chamblee meets, and she was there when the Cunningham building was built. It meant SO much to me to see the history behind it. We both just cried. It was a very tender moment. I LOVE this family, and I hope my companion and I can help get them back to church. The grandma is on to help us! Yay! Keep them in your prayers this week! :)

The spirit has really been guiding us this week. I know I'm here for a reason. Even if I don't "see" success, I know I'm here for a reason. i LOVE being a missionary! have  a great week! :)

Sister/Hermana Bringhurst :)

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