Monday, November 14, 2016

The Wait is Over! :)

Dearest Family and Friends,

THIS WEEK WAS THE BEST WEEK EVER OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Okay, so....for you to truly appreciate the amazingness of my week.....I have to give you the background.

We've been having issues with the Spanish Ward. The bishop never answers our texts, calls, etc. He calls the elders to tell them we don't do anything and they never get our progress record. Our ward mission leader gives it to the ward council EVERY WEEK. So, it has been a struggle. I've been feeling like CRAP all week. I have given that ward EVERYTHING I have....and the ward council seems to think we don't do anything. I don't know. I've been super frustrated. We've tried to text and call Bishop to ask if we can visit someone he's thinking about, if we can meet with him to talk about the area, etc.....and nothing. We called the elders about it, and they were frustrated that we cover two they think they should have more work in the Spanish ward since we have the English ward too. So we don't even really have any people to work with in the ward. It has
been tough. To add on to all of that, no one told us in the English ward there was ward we came to church and everyone was upset we weren't one more bad mark. I was in tears all of sacrament meeting. I can NEVER measure up....ever. So I was super down about that and I prayed SO hard to see a miracle. We gave EVERYTHING this week to the Spanish ward and our investigators....I prayed so hard. We went into Sacrament meeting for Spanish, and we had no investigators....i was SO sad. I was in tears again.....sadly. I should've had more faith. After the sacrament, in walks the RS president ..... guess who followed in after her?? JORGE, VICKI, and their TWO GIRLS!!!!!!!! The family they invited over for dinner!! Remember that?? When the RS president invited them to dinner??? THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!! SHE PICKED THEM UP!!!!!!! She and her husband said they wanted it to be a surprise for us, so they didn't say anything. I was just CRYING!!!! (the good tears) GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOO excited!!! I KNEW in that moment that God was aware of not only me, but the ward. They were all SO excited to have investigators there! They all were SO excited to say hi to them. Everyone was SO excited. They'd all ask if they were our family. They were SO surprised we actually got investigators at church. We are slowly gaining the trust of this ward! God is aware of His children and their needs. It was the BEST miracle EVER!!!!! I am STILL just giddy about it. I wish you all could've been there to see it!!! :) They loved church, and they're SO excited to come again! We have a FAMILY!!! :)

A Senior couple in Villa Rica found a hispanic family while they were at the gym. They invited us to come and teach them. It's Jose and Blanca and their son Fernando. Fernando is 11. Oh my goodness they're GOLDEN!!!! The Green's (senior couple) go over every other day to read the Book of Mormon with them. It is PERFECT! The Elder's Quorum president lives right by them, so he has been a GREAT fellowshipped. His mom came with us to see them this last week. We have 2 progressing investigator families!!!! :) In SPANISH!!!!! :) We are SO excited about everything that is happening! There is SOOO much work here! We barely have time for it all! We have investigators calling US and inviting us over for dinner. It's CRAZY!!! :) :) I am SOOOO happy! I love being a missionary!!! God is loving. He is aware of us, and he ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! i LOVE prayer!!! I LOVE being here! I'm crying now as I type this! i LOVE being a missionary!!!! :) Thank you for all of your prayers too! Some GREAT things are happening!!! :) Love you all!

Sister/Hermana Bringhurst :)

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