Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Can I Stay in Chamblee Forever??

Dearest Family and Friends,

Holy cow!!! This week was absolutely incredible!!!! I can't even believe it!!! I just love being a missionary!!

So the first bit of incredible news is that Hector is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! :) Yay!!!! Woohoo!!!!! :) He is sooo ready and so excited! He truly is doing everything for himself, and not for his wife. It's amazing to watch. We were able to teach him twice this last week. He accepted all of the commandments without question. He said he'd switch to hot chocolate instead of coffee. He said he loves it and he feels the same whether it's coffee or hot chocolate. Isn't he great?? He understands everything, and has a testimony of everything. It is absolutely amazing!!!! :) We are so excited for this decision that he has made. It's going to be a GREAT Saturday!! :)

So, remember Stephanie's mom Diana? Well, she has been in seriously poor health, so we had the opportunity to help out Stephanie and we watched her for about 5 hours one day. We read her the Book of Mormon, and took care of her. It was a GREAT service opportunity! We love Stephanie and Diana so much, and we'd do anything for them!! Sadly Diana has gone back to Colombia to go to her doctor there, but the good news is that we are super close with Stephanie now, and I really think she trusts us. We have a lesson with her tonight!! She is so great! So many great things are happening!!!

We were able to have a lesson with Rogelio and Flor later on in the week!! It was great!! We were able to bring a member. It was such a great lesson!!! Oh my goodness!! Rogelio doesn't really talk in the lessons, but this time he expressed some questions he had about the Book of Mormon, and Hermana Bernal was able to answer them perfectly for them! This lesson was perfect! Now they understand the Book of Mormon perfectly, and I think they're actually going to pray about it now! This is why you need members! It was such a great lesson!!! :)

We have been teaching the 5 lessons to this less active named Giovanna, and it's been such a huge blessing!! She has referred 2 of her friends to us!! One of them is married and has two little girls!! So, we have a lesson tomorrow with the whole family!!! We were able to become great friends with the two little girls, age 9 and 10, while we all helped Giovanna move. It was great! We are great friends with the parents too! So, service brought us to this family. It's absolutely incredible!!

We were also able to teach Fermin more about the Priesthood this week. We have prepared for 3 weeks for this lesson. We have put SO much thought into it. We realized the first time we tried to teach it that we need to prepare more. I can honestly say that I understand the priesthood so much more, and I have such a deeper testimony of the priesthood. It has been such a great week! I've learned soooo much! Fermin is ready to get the priesthood! Then we get to go to the temple
with him! :)

So, a funny story now! Well, 2 I guess. Hermana Stewart and I started noticing how many different license plates we've seen, and so we decided to write them down and try and get all 50 states. We are currently at 26 of the 50! yay! It's SOOO much fun! The second funny story is that we went to this member's house for dinner. He fixed us tacos. 2 had chicken, and 2 looked to have some kind of meat. It looked like diced beef. So, we ate it. The meat seemed really squishy, and had a really interesting flavor, but I had drenched mine in salsa, so I didn't really taste it. One of the pieces of meat fell out, so I picked it up and just ate it.....man was it SQUISHY!!! I knew there was no way it could have been meat....but I didn't want to ask. So, the next day, the member comes up to us and tells us that the tacos with the "meat" in them were cow tongue ......yuck. I can't even believe it!!!! We were all dying of laughter!!!! Now that I look back on it...it was actually really not that good, and super weird. So I guess it's all in the head. It wasn't nearly as bad because we didn't know what we were eating. So funny!! That was a great experience!

So, the Chamblee branch is absolutely amazing. No joke. We now have a branch mission plan, and we had a correlation where President basically scheduled team ups with the branch missionaries for us this week. How incredible is that?? All of the members have truly grasped their role in this. Hermana Stewart and I were thinking this past week about how all of our baptisms, progressing investigators, etc. have all come from members. All of them. It's amazing. Our job is to teach with the spirit, and provide the way for others to come unto Christ. It's all of our job as members of the church, to find the people and bring them into the Gospel. It's amazing that we are experiences here the IDEAL missionary work. We are only busy because the members are embracing this Gospel and sharing it with others. It's incredible to watch, and we are SOOO blessed!

I hope you have the most amazing week! Thanks for all the love and support!

Hermana Bringhurst

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