Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Seven Months!

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week has been absolutely incredible!!! One of the best I've had in a long time!!! Well, every week is a good one, but sometimes you have the super special ones that blow every other week out of the park in the "awesome" scale, you know? So, we got a call super late on Monday telling us that Sister Webb was getting transferred. It was a surprise! Everyone already knew about transfers and were packed already! It was a last minute decision because sister Webb's new companion's companion had to go home because of health issues, and I guess the decision became final, so Sister Webb got transferred! She is covering Douglasville in English, and they opened up the branch in Sweetwater to sisters!! Sister Webb's new companion is fluent in Spanish, so now we have 6 spanish sisters! Yay! 3 areas for Spanish sisters!!! Sister Stewart and I are very happy to be together, and staying in Chamblee!!! yay! Life is great! I didn't realize how much EASIER it is to not be in a trio! I guess I just got used to it, but I loved the companionship life! Now I get sufficient time in the bathroom! haha. :)

So, I thought I'd give a little update on the people we are teaching. Rogelio, Flor, and Jonas are doing great!! We invited them to baptism this last Monday, and they said they wanted to keep hearing the lessons and pray about it. THey said it was a sacred thing, and they wanted a confirmation from Heavenly Father first. Holy cow. They are SOOO prepared! We are having an FHE with them and a member family tonight. I hope all goes well! We are teaching this lady named Maria (go figure ;) ) SHe is from the Dominican Republic. Her daughter is a member, so she referred herself because she wants to learn more! WE met with her once before Christmas, but then she got sick so we couldn't meet with her until this last week. She is SO sweet! She remembered everything from our last lesson! She has great potential! Now, we just met a lady named Mireya. She used to live in the North mission, but then she moved here. So now we are teaching her! She has been to church, she's in 2 nephi, and she knows a ton about the church! She and her "husband" are totally on board! The only thing is that her "husband" is still married to some lady in Mexico, so they need to get divorced before they can get married. Then they can get baptized! Good thing our branch president is a lawyer!! haha. :) Stephanie is still doing great! She was busy all last week, but we have an appointment with her tomorrow! yay!

The branch is SOOO amazing!!!! 2 different members of the branch came to us and asked us to invite Stephanie to attend the Gospel Principles class. THey said she goes to the Young Single Adult's class, but she's totally lost. They said they want to always be welcoming to her to attend the class, but they think she needs to be in Gospel Principles so they asked us to invite her. They care about her SO much! It was so sweet! This branch really is amazing! THey have been so supportive of everything!! Things are really changing here in chamblee! We now have 6 branch missionaries, and we're going to get started with family history in the branch! Holy cow! There is a fire burning in Chamblee that has never been there before! I wish you could all see the changes here! It's incredible! I really want to stay here my whole mission!!!!

Well, there's my week for you! There are SO many amazing things going on!! I love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support!

Hermana Bringhurst

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