Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy 8 months!

Wow, I can't even believe that I'm almost halfway!!! Time is going sooooo fast!!!!!! It kind of scares me! Ah!!!

This week was absolutely amazing!!!!!! Hector got baptized!!!! yay!!!!! Hermana Stewart and I were able to talk at his baptism. I spoke on the Holy Ghost. I loved watching him. He just looked so happy. He had tears in his eyes. He got up to bear his testimony, and he had no words. It was beautiful. Want to know the cool miracle? About 2 months ago, we sent Zoraida the number to the texas mission where Hector's sister and nephew live. Guess who got baptized yesterday???? Hector's sister and nephew!!! Oh my gosh! It was the coolest thing in the world! Missionary work is truly amazing. Hector is very excited about it. It was such a great baptism. He was so excited! I've never seen him so happy. :)

We were able to meet with that family I talked about last week. Their names are Balbina, and her girls Leslie and Evaline. They are SOOO cute! We brought the elder's recent convert Ledif to the lesson. WE taught the plan of salvation. They are SO cute! We walked in the door, and they screamed 'the hermanas!!!" and they ran and gave us hugs. How cute is that??? I love them to death. The dad is pretty hard core catholic. He is SUPER nice, but not really open to the message. The mom just wants the best for her girls. If the girls want this, I'm sure their parents will let them! :) They are SOOO sweet!!!

So, we had a cool miracle this week. We had been teaching a less active family - the Amaro family- every week when I first came out. It became unproductive, and she stopped receiving us, so we stopped visiting as often. Well, now the dad and oldest son are involved in drugs and other bad stuff, so she is really struggling. WE brought a member to her house, and it was the BEST!! She finally agreed to come back to church, and we got a ride for her! So in walks Hermana Amaro and 3 of her kids on Sunday. Wow. What a miracle. She loved it. I bet it gave her a lot of spiritual strength with all the things she's
dealing with. She is so strong. Missionary work is SO incredible! I love it here! :)

This week really was amazing!!! We had lots of appointments cancel and what not, but at least we are trying!! That's all that matters. Being a missionary is the greatest least at this point in my life :) I hope you all have such a great week! I'll be praying 
for all of you! Love you!

Hermana Bringhurst\

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