Monday, February 8, 2016

The field is white -- already to harvest!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow! What an incredible week! I know I always say that - but it's true! This one was especially exceptional!!!

So an update on Rogelio, Flor, and Jonas. We were excited to go to the lesson and hear that they prayed about baptism - sadly they didn't. They had some questions. They had already been baptized and wanted to know what would happen if they got baptized again. I'll admit, I was very frustrated. The "second baptism" topic is not my favorite. The good news is they weren't asking it out of "we can't do this" but more like "we want to - is it okay?" It was a great lesson. We touched on the Restoration again - shared some scriptures, and then bore testimony. We told them that it all comes down to their own testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was a powerful lesson. I think they know what they need to do now. It was a great lesson, and I'm not discouraged anymore.

Now - here's the cool part of my week. We went to have our lesson with Stephanie, and her mom was there. She is SUPER sweet. She asked if she could join the lesson. She was very nervous about interrupting it. We assured her that she was encouraged to join!!!! We taught The Restoration. The spirit was SOOO strong. We know that Stephanie and her mom are prepared. Diana is her mom's name. When we shared the story about Joseph Smith, Diana said "wow, I had no idea. I always thought that none of the churches were true, and it was just God that was true. I can't believe there is actually a true church!" It was amazing!!!! Stephanie absolutely loved the lesson too. Both of them agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. I know they were serious - not just going through the motions. Diana kept saying how happy she was. She was just in tears!!! The lesson was incredible. But the cool part about it was that Sister Stewart and I both had the feeling from the spirit that these women were prepared specifically for us. I've never had that experience. I felt it whenever I talked to Stephanie. I just felt a connection to her. And Sister Stewart felt the same for Diana. It was amazing. I've never been so happy!!! Diana kept saying she was so happy that she didn't have to search any longer. I know Stephanie felt the same - she's just very quiet. But I could feel her acceptance through the spirit. It was incredible. Sadly they didn't come to church yesterday, but I haven't lost hope. They are ready, and the adversary will NOT get to them. I love being a missionary. This was by far the best lesson I've had on the mission. :)

So - bonus! Hector is on date again!!!! He and Zoraida are getting married this Friday - so now he is actually serious about baptism. I am so excited!!! Pray for him! He needs it!

Good things are happening here in Chamblee. I am very excited about it. I love being a missionary. It's amazing. This has been such a wonderful week!!! Love you all!!!

Hermana Bringhurst

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