Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Joys of Being a Missionary

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week has been absolutely incredible!!!! A lot of things have happened recently that have really changed my view of missionary work. I absolutely LOVE being a missionary now more than ever!!! I love the joy I feel when I serve. I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else! That's the truth! So many wonderful things happened this past week. I am so incredibly blessed to be serving HERE. I know it's where I'm supposed to be. I love being a missionary!!!

So, I'll update you on the investigators. yay!!! So, we haven't had the chance to meet with Diana or Stephanie this week, and we probably won't be able to for a while. It breaks my heart. :( I know everything happens for a reason though. Everything happens in the Lord's timing. Please pray for Diana. Her health hasn't been the best. They still want to be taught and everything, but we just have to give them some time. Okay, I was really excited to talk about Rogelio and Flor....but sadly they cancelled the appointment we had with them last night. :( We had members coming with us and everything!!! So frustrating!! Oh well. Everything happens for a reason. The good news is, Flor said we can come any day of the week, and not just Monday. yay! There's hope for a lesson this week! The other good news is that she has been reading in the Book of Mormon!! yay!!! so amazing!

Alright, the greatest news of all this week is Hector!!! yay!!! He and Zoraida got married this last Friday!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! We were able to go to the wedding at Zoraida's house. It was so beautiful! They are SO stinking cute!!! Now that they are married, they can have more spiritual progress together as a couple! Things are going up from here!! Hector has been reading in the Book of Mormon! He is doing it for himself and for God. We have seen such a big change in him!!! Now
that he lives in Zoraida's house....he can't use the "I'm sick" card. Haha. We taught him on Sunday about the Plan of Salvation!!! We only need two more lessons with him before he is ready for his interview!!! He wants to get baptized really soon! We are hopeful he can get baptized on the 27th of February!!! Yay!!!! We are SOOOO excited for him!!!

So, the dinner/appointment with Hector was the best....and it leads right into my "fun" story of the week. We had a lovely meal at their house. The usual: quesadillas, beans, etc. BUT they also wanted us to try.......drumroll.......MENUDO!!!!!!! For those who don't know what menudo is.....it's a cow stomach soup. Yep, you read that right. Now, they wanted to film us and take pictures, and watch the squeaky American girls eat cow stomach. haha. They were dying of laughter!!! Haha. We were too!!! Let me just say that cow stomach is not my favorite....really. It was prepared really well. It wasn't too chewy. The thought of eating cow stomach was the WORST. Haha. It was gooey, chewy, rubbery, etc. I wouldn't suggest it. But it was a fun experience. Haha. So there you go. I've had menudo. No one can tell me now that I'm a picky eater!!! ;)

So, it's been really fun to not be in a trio. Don't get me wrong....trios are REALLY fun, and they have their perks. I think I've
just been so used to it I don't really know how awesome just a companionship is. So, I LOVE being with just 2. Everything is just so much easier! Hermana Stewart and I work really well together. We absolutely LOVE being in Chamblee together. :) It's the BEST.

I love being a missionary. I really do! I love it here in Atlanta...even if the weather is super bipolar ;) haha. I've had such a great week, and I can't wait for all the wonderful things happening in Chamblee! yay! Love you all SOO much! Have a great week!! :)

Hermana Bringhurst :)

Menudo Soup

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