Monday, March 7, 2016

Back in a Trio! Surprised?? ;)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Yep! It's true! Every time I think transfers won't change anything.......something changes. We are getting another sister! We aren't training or anything, so we're curious as to who it is!! We'll have to wait until Wednesday! Yay! :)

This week has been absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to describe my happiness level right now. I had so many amazing experiences that have just lifted my spirits this week!!

So first, we went to the Cruz family's house for FHE on Monday. They are SOOO sweet! They were telling us how sad they'd be if either of us left Chamblee! That made me feel so special! I guess the branch really does love us now! They said they are so used to us and already know us, and it would be so hard to have it change. That made me feel soooo special! So my week started off pretty great!
We also visited another member that night, and she wanted us to teach her daughter the lessons. We taught her daughter about prayer and Heavenly Father. When we were talking about how loving He was, and how He is always here...she started crying. We asked her what was wrong. She said while we were talking she remembered a video about Jesus Christ suffering for us and it made her so sad that he went through all that pain, and that He died for everyone. It was absolutely tender and precious. No wonder we are asked to be like little children. It was such a testimony builder to me :)

So the latest news is that we got a referral from the sisters in the north mission. They were tracting outside their area and so they passed the referral to us. Her name is Elena. We were taught in a training by the zone leaders to invite people to baptism for a specific date in the first lesson. We were super scared!!! But we did it with Elena. She is on date!!! We set it for May 7th to give her plenty of time :) She agreed to read the Book of Mormon! We'll see how this goes!

I also learned another important lesson this week about humility. We went to a less actives house. She is struggling with finances and hasn't gotten her check yet, so she hasn't had food for a couple of days. As we were leaving her house, she gave us each a banana and said it was all she had to offer us. How sweet is that that she gave us the only thing she really had to give. These people are truly humble. It's incredible.

I had another incredible experience this week. I'd been feeling discouraged lately thinking that my efforts hadn't really producing much "fruit" you know? We went to visit a member ( we had done an FHE with her and her son and another family the week before.) She told us how grateful she was that we came because her son now has made FHE a priority in the family. He was kind of being wild and didn't want to participate the week before....but apparently it had a stronger impact than I thought. She thanked us for planting seeds within her family. It was sOOO sweet. I almost cried. Sometimes we don't always see the fruits of our efforts. Heavenly Father was kind enough to let me have this experience this week. I want you all to remember that. you may not always see the fruits of the good you do, but they are there. Never forget that. Never.

So, yet another great experience this week. I can't go into detail because Fermin asked us not to, but I will say that I listened to him bear strong testimony one night of how he will never leave this church. It was such a powerful thing to listen to him talk about how important this Gospel is to him. He has changed soooo many things in his life. We are so proud of him! He also got the priesthood yesterday! yay Fermin!!! What a GREAT week!!!

We went to the temple, just to look at it, with Zoraida, Hector, and Alondra the other night. It was such a beautiful evening. Hector is SOOO excited to go!

What a GREAT week! Words cannot describe my love for this work. Please keep the Mata family in your prayers! Yhank you!

Also, no weird food was eaten this week....but maybe rat will be on the way??? A member wants us to try it.....yuck.

Have a great week!!! :)

Hermana Bringhurst

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