Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hello everyone!!

I hope you all that the most wonderful Easter!! I have grown to appreciate the holidays about Christ a whole lot more since coming on my mission. Sometimes I get too caught up in the family aspect of it (which is NOT bad at all :) I love my family ) and not always the Christ part of it. So this Easter has been a good time for me to reflect on my Savior, and His Atonement. I love the Easter season, and I hope everyone had a great Easter :)

So, I have a neat miracle to share this week :) We hadn't been in contact with Rogelio or Flor for a few weeks, and they hadn't been answering our calls -so we decided to do a surprise visit. They were there! They were so excited to see us!!!! They said their phones had broken, and they couldn't get our texts. They hoped we come back so they could explain. That was SO sweet!! The last lesson we taught was about the Sabbath day. We promised them that if they had faith, the Lord would provide a way for them to go to church. We followed up at this lesson, and flor said their prayers had worked! They were able to get a car! And the best part is that they can come for sacrament meeting!!!! how great is that!!!??? We are SOOO excited! What a great miracle to brighten my week!

Since we've been working with less actives, we've also seen the work start progressing! We were at a lesson with a less active, and her nephew was listening. He asked us after the lesson if we really had a prophet who received revelation from God. We said yes, and shared the Restoration with him. He agreed to hear the 5 lessons! WE were SOOO excited! The less active was too! It was a miracle!!!

Sadly we had to post-pone the temple this last Saturday. It closed early because of Women's Conference. We will go in 2 weeks though! :)

Women's Conference was amazing!!! For those who watched it, you are aware of the theme of "service". It was JUST what I needed to hear. I thought of different ways I could serve while listening. It was such a great conference. Before the broadcast we had a mini program/dinner with the stake women. It was SOOO great! We talked about Easter, and Christ. It was SOOOO amazing! I was just filled with the spirit that night! Missionary work definitely provides wonderful opportunities!

Well, that's all for this week! I hope to share more in the coming weeks! I love you all so much! HOpe you have the best week!

Hermana Bringhurst

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