Monday, May 23, 2016

The Roller coasters of a Mission

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow. This week has been a week of ups and downs. The week began with 0 progressing investigators, and no one being home.....then the second half of the week my companion was sick, and so was the other sister in the apartment. SO, for the second half of the week, the other sister and I went on exchanges and did half and half in our areas. that's where the miracles began!!!

We met with Alberto and Alicia. That was the BEST lesson ever!!!!! Alberto and Alicia had both been reading. She now has the app and is going to listen to the scriptures! WOO HOO! Alberto made notes in the back of the scriptures where he had been reading so he could keep track of what he learned and stuff like that. Oh my gosh! Golden investigators!!! Unfortunately they didn't come to church - but they have SOOO much potential! It's SOOO great!!!! :) :)

The other tender mercy of this week was that we were finally able to meet with Rogelio and Flor. They were SO excited to see us! They seemed to be fine with us still teaching them, even though the anti might still be an issue. But they work a TON now so it's hard to meet with them :( but the good news is that they are still in contact with us and they are now defending the church to those who criticize them. so that's the update with them!!

Also one of our less actives came to church for the first time in a couple of months! She's a recent convert of 2 years. she is only less active because of work. Whenever she gets a Sunday off, she comes to church! She really is sad she can't come anymore, so there is hope to reactivate her! It was a great miracle of the week!

Well, sorry I don't have much more to talk's been a slower week, but there is always more coming! I hope my companion starts feeling better soon! Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Bringhurst

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