Monday, May 9, 2016

We'll Bring the World His Truth

Dearest Family and Friends,

I don't think I could ever adequately describe to you why it's so great to be a missionary. It's just a feeling you get that you can't get anywhere else...and can't even describe. Wow. I am just filled with so much love at every moment for people I don't even know! That's the love of Christ...and He is kind enough to give me this short amount of time to be His servant. What a privilege. I hope everyone had a great mother's day! I want to give a special shout out to my amazing mom who is everything to me. I love you mommmy! :)

Well, this week was AMAZING! The week started off with an amazing FHE at the Mata family's house. They are SO cute!!!! We played hot potato, and then read a scripture and drew a picture of what we learned from the scripture. it was SO much fun! What a special Monday :)

Our mission president has given us the assignment to contact 15 people every day! Of the 6 or so days this has been implemented, we have only reached 15 on one of those days. That will CHANGE!!! This 15 contacts assignment is really making our finding activities more fun! And we are finding a lot more people to teach! We have quite a few potentials this week, so I'll be excited to report on that next week to everyone!

We have been visiting a member every week to teach her son. He just turned 8, but she wants us to teach him the lessons so he can be more prepared for his baptism. It has been such a neat experience to teach him. He really is so ready for his baptism. The people here in Chamblee really take baptism seriously, and want all their kids to truly be ready :)

We had a sister's meeting for all the sisters in the mission this last week. That was SOOO much fun! It seems that everything they talked about was exactly what I needed to hear. Really. I had been struggling a little this week, and needed an answer - or some sort of confirmation from Heavenly Father that my work here was actually worth something. Well, I got my answer. The conference was all about how all we need to do is try, and the Lord is mindful of us. We had a huge discussion on perfection and how we can never be perfect - but we can strive for it. it was just what I needed. Then that night, one of our members was talking to me right before she came to an appointment with us. Out of nowhere she just started talking about how the lord is proud of me, and He doesn't care about numbers. Wow. It was amazing, and another answer from Heavenly Father that I desperately needed. Thank heavens for the Spirit :)

We did a cool service project this week. We had the opportunity to go to a refugee apartment complex and clean up the area. We got to celebrate with the people, and they fixed us some of their traditional food. It was a humbling experience. I love the opportunities we have to serve here as a misionary. It's incredible :)

We had a mother's day dinner with the branch. The brethren provided the whole thing! They even served our food for us. It was SO sweet! Then each man gave a little speech about women, and then gave his wife a rose. It was precious. Then the young men passed out roses to all the other women. So I got a rose too! itw was SOOOO sweet! What a neat activity :)

So.....the big miracle of the week is that Rogelio and Flor came to church!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! They loved it! I really have faith they will be baptized! Please pray for them! We are visiting them this week with our ward mission leader. We hope it all works out! I love them so much!!!

Well, that was my week! It was amazing! I hope you all have an amazing week too! :)

Hermana Bringhurst :)

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